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Merry Christmas and Happy New year

Merry Christmas Messages
about 3 years ago

Christmas is celebrated around the world for relationships for hope, forgiveness, charity, family and all other good. But there is more! Hello, I'm Steve Beman and welcome to the spiritual path this week! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year have long been the highlight of this season. The word Christmas, which you may not even know, is derived from the medieval term "Christie Messi". Well, beginning with the celebration of the birth of Jesus, Christmas has developed a rich tradition and has been welcomed worldwide. But what is the real purpose of Christmas? Of course, this is thousands of years before BC (formerly known as BC, before BC or Common Era is the common meaning, meaning earlier).



The prophets of Israel predicted that a Messiah would come to the Jewish people. A king of kings who will only be under God. The chapters and verses are too numerous to list here, but suffice to say that the Messiah's prophecy is in Micah, Psalms, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Deuteronomy, and Daniel. These prophets predicted a coming son, who would free his people from slavery, but in more ways than Moses. But which slavery was mentioned in the writings of the prophets? The Israelites were freed from Egypt. So what can this mean?


Well, I have studied and come to the conclusion that prophets have a direct connection with our worldly relationship with sin. If you read it and do enough searching it all fits so beautifully as a puzzle. We were separated from Adam and Eve because of the incompleteness of God's father. This defect is "purified" by the use of sacrifice as a substitute for us. It was said that the prophecies would offer one final sacrifice and wishes for Merry Christmas, a humble lamb who would willingly surrender to us.


New Testament books tell about the miraculous birth, the virgin birth of a woman. This baby was going to be a lamb that died for all of us.


Therefore the Gospel calls it "good news". I have interacted with many people who criticize Christianity and are not inclusive. They prefer the idea of ​​eternity in light of men's "goodness", rather than the intensity of their Christian status. Well, here is my problem with it. I am not good. This is a simple question of the standard we use, right? Compared to Osama bin Laden, I would say that most people are "good", but not to their loyal followers. For many of us, Hitler was considered "bad", but not for his devotees. So whether we are good or bad, the set is completely subjective without recollection, and to me it is a virtuous deity. Like most people, I try to understand the nature of God and Jesus, and I cannot. My human three-dimensional mind does not understand "always" or "word" before time begins. We are beginning to understand the complexity and wonder of the universe that God has just brought into existence. Although I don't fully understand it, I can accept the idea of ​​God as an ideal gauge, which is somehow correct, because honestly I'm not sure if I could actually say that word I understand With that saying, the purpose of the birth of the Messiah was to provide us with a pool of God. A sacrifice so complete and complete that we will be reunited with our Creator. This bridge is given to us at no charge and without reservation. It is a perfect gift that just demands that we receive it.


This gift is Christmas and funny new year GIF images. The complete apology that we have received from the blood of the slaughtered lamb, without which we could never live with our father.


Now I know that not all of my members agree, and I respect that. But the path I have taken, and I welcome your views, your comments and your views. You know, if we can learn to communicate citizens on this important issue, then we can start a conversation on less important issues of economics and finance.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you and God bless you!

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